Terminal tackle is much more than just a peep, D loop and timing cable, however, these are just a couple items that we can have direct influence on that can directly impact the performance of our equipment in many ways. Learning to do this yourself and become self sufficient is just part of why this is so important. The other side of it is making certain that it is done correctly so you can avoid field mishaps. Theres nothing worse than allowing someone else to work on your equipment and having no idea of what they did to accomplish a result, let alone know why they did it. Best advice is to become a student and learn to tune your bow yourself to become a self reliant, self sustaining bowhunter.

Ensuring you serve your peep in snugly is much better than a simple knot alone. Also serve down the side of the peep exiting the peep on the opposing side as shown. This allows for even distribution of serving over it’s length.

Rest Serving

Serving your timing string into the up cable will allow for a streamlined appearance and also creates less room for failures, such as when a clamp can come loose or a knot could slip. Serving, when properly done is very effective!

D Loop

Make sure to create a small D loop. Believe it or not, the D loop will swing to one side or another and on a faster bow, this can exhibit string torque charachteristics prior to the arrow leaving the rest that you do not want.

Also tie your D loop knot in opposing directions so as not to help create a loop torque issue.