Over the years, I have tried many makes of specialty hunting boots. Most are decent at protecting your ankles and feet from serious damage, however most also leave a large delta for improvement. Over the years, I have struggled with boots that hugged and supported my heels, supported my arch, protected my feet from moisture and fought quick wear with quality build materials…

After much deliberation, several manufacturers and many blisters, I decided to pony up and try a pair of Zamberlan GUIDE 980 GTX’s –

First off, I was surprised by the actual heel lock that these boots have! Never have I worn boots that lock my heel in so tight. This is one of the most important factors for me when doing lots of elevation gain and loss. Second, the shank is stiff and extremely supportive, all the while, the upper is soft and comfortable, taking little to no time to break in!

They are lighter than Kennetreks, way more durable than my Danner Pronghorns were, better foot and heel lock, they have a durable top grain upper that is fully waterproof, endowed with a tough rubber rand and aggressive tread on the Vibram soles… They are the ultimate mountain hunting boot, they leave no room for improving upon, they are my go to from Summer to Winter and I am looking no further – They really knocked it out of the park so to speak!

It wasn’t long before I picked up the phone and started reaching out to Zamberlan to let them know how I felt about their boots. After a season of running the hills with the 980 GUIDE GTX, I knew that I had to partner with this best in class manufacturer. I look forward to many more years working with them.