An interesting topic I was discussing with a good friend of mine Chad Roberts recently was how recovery from the rut has a direct impact on antler growth months later…

This is an interesting topic, since we all look to how much rain we get early on to determine antler growth.

While moisture is highly important for growth, we believe that early moisture is of key importance. If you have weary bucks with low body fat. Then good feed and lot’s of it is necessary for them to recover from the rut and pack on fat. Naaturally, this happens well before their antlers fall off.

If a bucks body condition is poor exiting the rut and there is little feed on winter range or desert for example, no matter how much rain we see in June, or July it won’t matter since it came too late and a bucks development, let alone survival will likely suffer greatly!

If you are in an area where the feed is excellent post rut, you can anticipate a great season for antler groth the following year.

Harsh winters are a complete and separate subject at this point, however, this is something every serious hunter needs to consider when looking at hunting areas.