Marlon Holden
About Marlon HoldenMy story is a bit different, as hunting has not always been in my life – I’m a self made bowhunter through and through. I did not have family that hunted nor family that loved to camp and hike big mountains…  I was the Son of a commercial fisherman, born in the mountain country of Hilo, Hawaii.  I was raised big game fishing for Marlin, huge yellowfin tuna and lots of other crazy looking pelagics…  I spent my childhood sailing around the world on a 60 ft. sailboat with my family, learning other native cultures and enjoying the world!When I turned eighteen, I attained my 100 ton Captains License with the USCG and Captained 70 ft. multi million dollar sport fishing yachts for elite, private individuals.  I did this for years!  Catching lot’s of fish, winning hundreds of thousands in tournament money and reaching the Apex of that career path.
As a successful Captain and big game fisherman, I was used to hunting the ocean and I knew there was more!  In short, that is how bowhunting came to be. At the age of 27 or so, I picked up my first bow and dove in without looking back! This brings us to today!  A place where I now have dozens and dozens of big mule deer kills under my belt with a bow and arrow in less than a decade…
I am the founder of Gray Light, a DIY bowhunting company in which I invested a lot of time into for several years, filming and hunting along the way. There may be many of you whom may know me from there or on fb. I am intense to say the least. Anyone who knows me and has hunted with me knows how engaged I am.  I do not sleep, go back to camp at lunch time or make excuses.  I rarely eat while afield and hunt like tomorrow is not an option. I spare no expense when it comes to equipment and I have often been ridiculed by my own friends as being a hunting nazi…  I can honestly deal with that though, as I love to look at all the memories on the wall and enjoy the wonderful meals those animals have provided myself and my family with. At it’s core, I know that my dollars spent on tags, licenses and equipment, fuel jobs as well as wildlife management… Couple that with my newfound love of the hunting pursuit, I can really get behind conservation and the propagation of the hunting lifestyle within our youth! Intensity is me at it’s core when I hunt. Going over the next ridge and NEVER saying “Im not sure if there’s enough light left” is part of my DNA.
What I will bring to the table is what traits, habits, thoughts, emotions, techniques and tactics you will need to employ in order to successfully know that you will get the job done in the field. Everyone wants to punch their tag, not everyone feels like it is a certainty though… I believe that if you do a few things, certainty becomes more of a reality.  I look very much forward to sharing my own exploits as well as what made those hunts a success. In order to change your luck in the field, you must change your thinking and in order to kill big bucks consistently, you must be hunting country in which big bucks live!
  1. Josh Campbell Says

    Having the chance to have met you, hunt with you, and also call you a lifelong friend is something that I will cherish forever. I have learned more from you in just a short time than you will ever know. I will truely say that you are one of the most skilled bow hunters out there, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that you never give up and you have a can do attitude. Keep on doing your thing and continue to drive towards the passion that you love so much.

  2. Kevin Root Says

    I’m impressed with your humble beginnings but energetic and dedicated story about your journey as a hunter. I’m also impressed and have been for quite these many years now seeing you invest your time, talents and treasure back into the honing and improving your craft as a hunter. When you say you are are invested and engaged, and intense… well it shows in your efforts and achievements. I’m sure there have been many tough moments and setbacks along the way but you have push through them. You push onward and you keep stepping forward towards your vision. That passion and drive shines through it all in those achievements. Your helping other hunters, future hunters and backcountry hunters through the media you produce, what you’ve been featured in and the feedback that I’ve read from you in hunting forums along the way. Thank you for sharing your story and your passions with others in this way. I wish you the best in your, future goals, quests, journeys and future endeavors.

  3. Good talking with you this evening. Look forward and in more discussion soon.

    • gray light Says

      Good speaking with you as well Cliff! Let’s talk again soon.

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