Bareshaft 2

In order to get the cleanest down range accuracy, it is always best to try to achieve close to the same lateral arrow flight out of the bow. At 10-20 yards, try to shoot a bare shaft and a fletched shaft side by side for several groups until you see a pattern develop. If you are right or left consistently, you will want to add or take out twists in your yoke until you are pretty close to the same lateral arrow travel. Up and down while important is secondary at this point.

If you are shooting right for example, take a half twist from your right yoke, while adding to the left yoke, then shoot a couple groups of two arrows each and see what that did. You will have to play with it a bit until you are in the same general line.

It is important that you are not tired when doing this, as your muscles will need to be able to shoot several arrows precisely to determine tha pattern and where you will need to adjust.