Bullet Hole

Arrow center shot is not an exact number… Beacause every bow is different, your centershot will be different. With the HOYT CS Turbo, NITRUM and CS 34’s, your centershot should be around 3/4″ generally no more than that… 7/8″ is too far. (too much prelean in the cam.

This will feel like it is slightly inward of the powerstroke but it is correct. If you are outside of this number, you will know that you have too much pre lean in your top cam and you will need to add a twist to your right yoke and untwist the left yoke by a twist… I generally do this a half a twist at a time until you see the results you are looking for. If there is a lot of prelean, I use full twists until Im close.

You will know you are there when you place an arrow on the left side of the cam, while looking at the string from behind the bow… When the arrow runs almost paralell with the string, youre there… It is okay to have a slight amount of pre lean in the cam, so if the arrow points toward the string a little past the D-Loop, youre also okay… Remember, these are starting points and fine tuning may be necessary after the initial set-up.

Center Shot

When each of these things are done correctly, the result should be a perfect bullet hole –