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My story is a bit different, as hunting has not always been in my life – I’m a self made bowhunter through and through. I did not have family that hunted nor family that loved to camp and hike big mountains…  I was the Son of a commercial fisherman, born in the mountain country of Hilo, Hawaii.  I was raised big game fishing for Marlin, huge yellowfin tuna and lots of other crazy looking pelagics…  I spent my childhood sailing around the world on a 60 ft. sailboat with my family, learning other native cultures and enjoying the world! When I turned eighteen, I attained my 100 ton Captains License with the USCG and Captained 70 ft. multi million dollar sport fishing yachts for elite, private individuals.  I did this for years!  Catching lot’s of fish, winning hundreds of thousands in tournament money and reaching the Apex of that career path.

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Essentially, Gray Light is the first and last hour of each day we experience in the field. It represents the moments in time when we as outdoorsmen find 90% of the quarry we will ever get the chance to pursue. Historically, the first moments of gray are the only chance we have to really find a truly mature buck or bull. Most seasoned outdoorsmen understand that a truly mature animal won’t allow itself to get caught flat-footed in the open during broad daylight. As a rule to follow mature animals bed before the sun comes up and will not get out of bed until after the sun has gone down. With this in mind, I have always hunted or fished in the Gray Light. As an outdoorsman, what better name to bestow on what we do in the wild!


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If you want to keep up with my latest gear reviews, in-depth hunting tactics and hard core back country bowhunting, I can be read in every issue of this incredible e-Magazine.  As the Field Editor,  I always keep content fresh and relevant. Make sure to go check it out and sign up while you are there. Just click on the logo for full details.


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Anyone looking to learn the insights of one of the Wests most talented Mule Deer hunters should pick up a copy of David Longs latest book “The Edge” – Out of many bowhunting greats, I am honored to have been asked by David to write a section in this book. Click on the picture to view Davids Blog and for details about the book.

As a footnote, stay tuned for some of our own high country adventures and stories from this fall… I am proud to consider David both a friend and fellow fieldsman.


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